KEVIN2 C10   

Black and transparent two‐tone line frame made of Machuquelli acetate.
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    KEVIN2 C10
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    March Eyewear
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Seller MARCH Seller's Market
Brand MARCH Brand Shop
Product code G0000016978
Date 2024-01-08
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We will show you an advanced eyewear that will make your personality shine.
MARCH adds emotional colors on top of formal frames to make an impact on your daily life
It pursues eyewear design and minimalism and reinterprets the basic form rather than exaggerated design
It creates MARCH's unique mood in various colors.

KEVIN2_C10 - Black and transparent two‐tone line frame made of Machuquelli acetate. 
In particular, MARCH's unique patented W hinge structure eliminates the heavy and uncomfortable feeling of horn frames with a unique design and comfortable fit. 
It is an aesthetic element with a bold and classic atmosphere and a round square‐type anel‐type glasses. three sizes, and it has the advantage of being able to wear it according to the individual's face shape with and without a nose holder.

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